Special issue of “Nonprofit Policy Forum”, journal edited by Dennis Young, on work integration social enterprises now available on-line

A special issue of Nonprofit Policy Forum (Volume 7, Issue 4) on work integration social enterprises (WISEs) is now available on De Gruyter online. The issue, which is edited by three ICSEM Research Partners, Kate Cooney, Mary O’Shaughnessy and Marthe Nyssens, includes contributions by ICSEM Scientific Coordinators (Marthe Nyssens and Jacques Defourny) as well as by ICSEM Research Partners from the USA (Kate Cooney), Ireland (Mary O’Shaughnessy and Patricia O’Hara), Japan (Rosario Laratta and Sachiko Nakagawa), Switzerland (Stefan Adam, Gregorio Avilés, Domenico Ferrari, Jeremias Amstutz, Luca Crivelli, Daniela Schmitz, Bernadette Wüthrich and Daniel Zoebeli) and Austria (Maria Anastasiadis).

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