New working paper by SOCENT researchers Anaïs Périlleux and Ariane Szafarz, forthcoming in World Development, available for download

"Women Leaders and Social Performance: Evidence from Financial Cooperatives in Senegal", by SOCENT researchers Anaïs Périlleux and Ariane Szafarz, has been published in the CERMi-CEB working paper series (WP 15-022) and is available for download on the SOCENT website. This article is also forthcoming in World Development.

Abstract: How do women leaders such as board members and top managers influence the social performance of organizations? This paper addresses the question by exploiting a unique database from a Senegalese network of 36 financial cooperatives. The authors scrutinize the loan-granting decisions, made jointly by the locally elected board and the top manager assigned by the central union of the network. Their findings are threefold. First, female-dominated boards favour social orientation. Secondly, female managers tend to align their strategy with local boards' preferences. Thirdly, the central union tends to assign male managers to female-dominated boards, probably to curb the boards’ social orientation.