New Working Paper by SOCENT researcher Simon Cornée and Gervais Thenet available for download and forthcoming in "Finance Contrôle Stratégie"

"Efficience des institutions de microfinance en Bolivie et au Pérou : une approche Data Envelopment Analysis en deux étapes", by SOCENT researcher Simon Cornée and Gervais Thenet, has been published as a CERMi-CEB working paper (WP 15-040) and is now available for download on the SOCENT website. The article is forthcoming in Finance Contrôle Stratégie.

In this paper, the authors first measure in various ways the efficiency of 61 Bolivian and Peruvian microfinance institutions (MFIs) via a Data Envelopment Analysis approach. Their results show that the MFIs under scrutiny achieve a high level of financial efficiency and low scores of social efficiency. They then regress the efficiency scores on a series of factors capturing MFIs’ features. They report that governance, lending methodology, age and operational area are key drivers of social efficiency. However, these factors only have little influence on financial and global efficiency scores.