New CERMi-CEB working paper by SOCENT researcher Patrick Reichert available for download

A new CERMi-CEB working paper, entitled “A meta-analysis examining the nature of trade-offs in microfinance”, by SOCENT researcher Patrick Reichert, is now available for download on the SOCENT website.


Increasingly, microfinance institutions must balance both social and financial objectives, the so-called double bottom line. A growing number of studies have investigated the ability of MFIs to achieve both objectives simultaneously. From an initial sample of 3,299 articles, the author synthesizes 274 empirical findings from 61 studies to perform a meta-analysis on the relationship between financial and social performance. Findings suggest that studies using the Mix Market database are less likely to confirm trade-offs while articles that use efficiency indicators, employ an economic frontier methodology or are published in development journals are more likely to confirm evidence of performance trade-offs.