ICSEM Project: 5 new Working Papers available on-line

Five new Working Papers--covering Bolivia, Mexico, Canada (Quebec), the Czech Republic and France--have been added to the ICSEM Working Papers series:

  • Hillenkamp, I. and Wanderley, F. (2015) “Social Enterprise in Bolivia: Solidarity Economy in Context of High Informality and Labour Precariousness”, No. 21.
  • Conde, C. (2015) “Social Enterprise in Mexico: Concepts in Use in the Social Economy”, No. 22.
  • Bouchard, M. J., Cruz Filho, P. and Zerdani, T. (2015) “Social Enterprise in Québec: The Social Economy and the Social Enterprise Concepts”, No. 23.
  • Dohnalová, M., Guri, D., Hrabětová, J., Legnerová, K. and Šlechtová, V. (2015) “Social Enterprise in the Czech Republic”, No. 24.
  • Glémain, P., Hénaff, G., Urasadettan, J., Amintas, A., Bioteau, E. and Guy, Y. (2016) “Social Enterprise in France: Work Integration Learning Social Enterprises (WILSEs)”, No. 25 (French version).

All these Working Papers are of course, as all other ICSEM Working Papers, available on-line.