Article by SOCENT researchers Thomas Bauwens and Andreia Lemaître available on-line

Do informal initiatives share a capitalist spirit of entrepreneurship? "Popular Economy in Santiago de Chile: State of Affairs and Challenges", by SOCENT researchers Thomas Bauwens (ULg) and Andreia Lemaître (UCL), attempts to answer this question, using a “popular economy” analytical framework and focusing on the case of Chile. First, the authors present the context of the research, namely the economic and political evolutions in Chile since the 1970s and their effects on the popular economy. Then, they seek to answer the original question, relying on in-depth case studies of so-called “popular economy organizations”. Their research shows that their socio-economic logics significantly differ from those of the traditional capitalist firm. Their observations also suggest important differences between current and older initiatives.

The article, which has been published in World Development (No 64, pp. 65-78), is now available on-line.