Article by SOCENT researchers Florence Degavre and Magalie Saussey published in the Journal des anthropologues

The article entitled "La fabrique des chercheur-e-s mise à l’épreuve des normes globales d’éthique" (The Researcher’s Fabrication and the Global Norms of Ethics), by Florence Degavre and Magalie Saussey, has been published in the Journal des anthropologues (n°136-137, pp. 137-58).

The purpose of this article is to (re-) open the black box of the "researcher’s fabrication". Taking examples from fieldwork literature and from their own research work on self-designated "social and solidarity economy" organizations, the authors show that some fields, more than others, put researchers straightaway in a critical perspective, letting them with no choice in terms of political commitment. This commitment invalidated ethical rules as neutral, transparent and objective.

Key words : comitment, gender, social and solidarity economy, anthropology, ethics