“Social Enterprise and the Third Sector - Changing European Landscapes in a Comparative Perspective” published by Routledge

The book is edited by SOCENT coordinator Jacques Defourny (Belgium), ICSEM researcher Lars Hulgård (Denmark) and Victor Pestoff. It includes various contributions by researchers linked to SOCENT (some of them through its ICSEM Project): Benjamin Huybrechts, Sybille Mertens, Marthe Nyssens and Julie Rijpens (Belgium), Jean-Louis Laville (France), Carlo Borzaga, Sara Depedri and Ermanno Tortia (Italy) and Mike Aiken and Roger Spear (UK).

The book, featured here on Routledge’s website, is now available for purchase in hardback and paperback. It is also available as e-book. It will be available for purchase with a 30% discount at the upcoming EMES PhD Summer School.