The “Barometer of Social Enterprises in Belgium” is available on-line

The Barometer of Social Enterprises in Belgium

The Academy of Social Entrepreneurs publishes its first “Barometer of Social Enterprises in Belgium” (in French), with the support of CBC Banque & Assurance. This first issue includes leading articles on social entrepreneurship, social enterprise models, NPOs qua economic actors and education in the field; an opinion poll with fourteen experts in the sector; and a “Statistics” section on more than 16,500 social enterprises.

To download the Barometer of Social Enterprises in Belgium, click here (please note that the file can take a few seconds to open).

The Academy of Social Entrepreneurs

The Academy of Social Entrepreneurs is a platform that centralizes the training, support and networking activities for social entrepreneurs carried out by the Centre for Social Economy, HEC-ULg. The goal of the Academy is threefold:

  • to connect various audiences—social entrepreneurs, students, alumni, professors—who are engaged in reflection or learning about issues linked to social entrepreneurship;
  • to provide these various audiences with an area where they can meet and exchange, across the borders of affiliations and activity sectors;
  • to reinforce the connections between social enterprises and the academic world.

The Academy offers its members training activities; it organizes meetings (“breakfast-“ or “lunch-conferences”); and it aims to make accessible the results of research projects carried out on social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, notably through the production of pedagogical, management and communication tools adapted to the needs of social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship.

To learn more about the Academy of Social Entrepreneurs (in French), click here